Information about Hedmark County Council

Governance in Norway is conducted on three levels; state level, county level and municipal level. While the term county (fylke) denotes the geographical area, the County Council (fylkestinget) is the democratically elected body.

The Hedmark County Council consists of 33 representatives elected by the inhabitants of Hedmark every fourth year. The County Council is led by the Chairman. The Chairman for the period of 2015 - 2019 is Mr. Dag Rønning. 

The County Council is divided into three standing committees. The committees are not empowered to make decisions, but prepare propositions and reports for the County Council. In addition there is a control committee. 

The County Council elects a county government; The County Executive Board, consisting of four members as a collegium. The chairman is Mr. Per Gunnar Sveen and vice-chairman is Ms. Aasa Gjestvang. Mr. Thomas Breen and Ms. Anne Karin Torp Adolfsen are also members of the Board.

The County Executive Board has the responsibility for the daily governing of the county on behalf of the County Council, and directs the County Administration.

Only the majority of the parties is represented in the Executive Board, and the minority in the County Council is therefore placed in a clearly oppositional role where it is important to make its alternate policy visible, and not least to supervise and control the work of the Executive Board.

The Executive Board can be removed from office (vote of no confidence) if a majority in the County Council so wishes, and can itself threaten to resign if it does not receive support for a proposal (demand vote of confidence).

The County Director, Mrs. Hanne Varhaug Søberg, is Hedmark County Council's highest administrative officer and has the day-to-day responsibility for the overall management of the county.

The county administration is organized into departments. The administration is preparing cases to be settled in the County Council and for the County Executive Board, and is responsible for planning and implementation of county duties.

The departments of Hedmark County Council are:
Department of innovation and business development
Department of culture
Department of infrastructure, planning and environment
Department of education
Department of international relations